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Paint Color Chart

Outdoor Sheds - Montezuma Georgia
Jesus Is Waiting for You
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Paint Color Chart - Outdoor Sheds 2022
Painted sheds are 5% extra

Paint Info

These 18 colors are standard but all custom colors can be used for 5% more. 

"Colors may very"

You get two colors included in the price, 1 for the building and 1 for the trim.

Take a look an let us know what you decide.

We also will use your paint for no extra charge, if you want to bring paint from an existing building, or maybe from  your last coat on your house.

Ask Us for amount needed for your building.

We use the best paint available which is the one and only Sherwin-Williams for the best quality paint possible.

Full color chart available at 5% CLICK HERE

Paint is awesome, you can make it match your house, you can even customize it to blend in with trees in your woods, or even touch up scuffs and scratches.
But paint if its not a good quality, or has a bad foundation or isn't prepared properly, it will run before it dries and also it can peal and chip after its applied.

In the same way, we need to check ourselves and make sure we are on a solid dry and prepared foundation (Jesus) if not we will run and chip and peal and be a total wreck, Jesus is the Carpenter and healer of our heart, Let him come do what He does best!
"Jesus is waiting for you"
Rev 3:20

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