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Blocking - Leveling

Outdoor Sheds - Montezuma Georgia
Jesus Is the cornerstone!
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Delivery Options

All Customers are responsible for building permits & site preparation.

We require 2' all the way around the building in order to be able to fit your building in, so basically site preparation is trimming limbs or cutting tress or removing stumps or moving fences or opening gates to make sure we have enough room in order to make it as seamless as possible.

We use treated wood blocks to shim & level the building.

But we recommend for you to supply some Cap Blocks on site for a solid foundation, from Lowes or Home Depo, I don't like any wood touching the ground, we will use them for leveling for free.

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  •     Our deliveries are made with a truck and a goose-neck trailer, we have a little forklift (Mule) on our truck for delivery.

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  • Unfortunately we no longer offer Built on-site, our deepest apologies.

Move Jobs

Need a building moved?

"Just Text Me a picture of your building, in the location its currently sitting and what size the building is, and both addresses, (if moving to a new location)

THAT'S IT! Soon as we get that information we will give you a quote...

"It's so simple it's stupid!"

(Quote by Joe Lester himself)

Looking forward to working with you, until then and from now on my God Bless you with his abundant grace!

Blocking Suggestions

Size --------------- Blocks

8x8  ------------------------  4-16 Blocks

8x12   ----------------------  6-16 Blocks

8x16 ------------------------ 6-16 Blocks

8x20 ------------------------ 8-20 Blocks

10x12 ----------------------- 6-16 Blocks

10x16 ----------------------- 6-16 Blocks

10x20 ----------------------- 8-20 Blocks

12x12 --------------------- 12-36 Blocks

12x16 --------------------- 12-36 Blocks

12x20 --------------------- 16-48 Blocks

12x24 --------------------- 16-48 Blocks

12x28 --------------------- 20-60 Blocks

12x32 --------------------- 20-60 Blocks

12x36 --------------------- 24-72 Blocks

12x40 --------------------- 30-80 Blocks

14x20 --------------------- 16-48 Blocks

14x24 --------------------- 16-48 Blocks

14x28 --------------------- 20-60 Blocks

14x32 --------------------- 20-60 Blocks

14x36 --------------------- 24-72 Blocks

14x40 --------------------- 30-80 Blocks

16x20 --------------------- 16-48 Blocks

16x24 --------------------- 16-48 Blocks

16x28 --------------------- 20-60 Blocks

16x32 --------------------- 20-60 Blocks

16x36 --------------------- 24-72 Blocks

16x40 --------------------- 30-80 Blocks

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