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Metal Roof Color

Outdoor Sheds - Montezuma Georgia
Jesus Sees You!
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Shingles are 10% more then metal
Metal Color Chart - Outdoor Sheds 2022.jpg

Metal Facts

Metal is one of the fastest growing sectors within the roofing industry. It provides a stronger, longer lasting cleaner, and a lot less maintenance 
then asphalt shingles.
Metal panels come with a 40 year
limited warranty from the coil paint manufacturer against rusting, cracking, & fading.
Also studies have proved that metal roofs take 20% less energy than conventional asphalt shingles.

Metal is for a covering for your building, without a roof or without a protector, your building would rot and overtime it would ruin everything inside as well.
Lets do the same with our human bodies, if we don't have Jesus blood covering or sin, we will die in the second death, and will rot in everlasting punishment!
"Today is the day of salvation"
2 Cor 6:2

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